Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Better than sex

Sex is such an important component of the human condition that that it is bound to figure prominently in the preoccupations of a writer. Indeed, for me there are only seven things in life that are more important than sex. Here's my list:

1 Excavating the perfect verb from the barren wasteland of my brain

2 Igniting the perfect sentence from the arid dross that blankets my thoughts

3 Dragging the perfect paragraph from the wreckage of my tangled sentences

4 Building the perfect chapter from the rubble of my misshapen paragraphs

5 Knitting the perfect first draft from the patchwork of my chapters

6 Throttling the adverbs in my re-writes as I unknot my tortured plot

7 Watching golf on the telly


  1. Oh, Pundy,
    so glad to see you back.
    thanks for your words. :-)
    went through a bad patch.
    life just revolving & evolving.
    but better now.
    didn't notice your work-in-progress blog till just now.
    will link all of these up eventually when I open a new blog.
    happy writing!

  2. That's a pretty impressive list. You are obviously doing a lot of things right. But listen, watching golf on the telly . . . that's what's screwing you up.

  3. Me too, so thrilled to have you back.

    Now about that sex and the telly...

  4. Wonderful list - you've hit on the universal here.

    Apart from the golf/tv bit of course ...