Tuesday, July 03, 2007


For the past couple of weeks I've been investigating the feasibility of writing a non-fiction book, something I've never tried before. I don't want to give away too many secrets at this stage as to the subject matter, but the working title is "A modest history of debauchery". The title should give you some idea of the subject matter.

At the moment I've got a lot more web-based research to do - about three month's solid - before I will be in a position to green light the project. However, if anyone out there has any academic or first-hand knowledge of the subject which they think might be relevant please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm particularly interested in ancient Greek and contemporary examples of deviant behaviour.


  1. ...and contemporary examples of deviant behaviour.
    There's no way you're going to run short of material here, Pundy. :-)

  2. Anonymous10:01 am

    I am willing to help in any way I can -I do expect to be listed as researcher though...

  3. Ha! You'll probably be able to spend the whole 3 months on Mutley alone.

  4. You're so much more fun to read since you've stopped being nice. And now deviant as well, delicious...

  5. By deviance do you mean, essentially, sex? Or some sort of 'counter-cultural practice'? Or even a wider analysis of them? I did a dissertation on the latter, is all, and could point you towards a lot of good library reading - my bibliography was monstrous.

  6. Hi Matthew

    Mostly I mean sex, although most accounts of debauchery also include drink and occasionally drugs. I'm not really interested in violence and simple bad behaviour. Roistering, excess and perversion, that sort of thing.

    Hi Suzan

    Actually I'm not sure that debauchery on the scale practised by the Greeks is that common any more. However, if you know different...

  7. Don't read Greek, but you could do worse than "The Lives of the Twelve Caesars" of Suetonius. It's a jumping off point, though likely colored by political realities. Still, fun.

    Also, and better, is "The Satyricon" of Petronius. P was Nero's Censor, the arbiter of social acceptability. As such, he was familiar with orgying, and he had to be--he made the palace arrangements. I may be wrong, but I think "Satyricon" is the world's first novel. Definitely not Harry Potter.

    Later, there's deSade et al, but you already read all those, didn't you?

    There's always Bill Clinton's "My Life." I haven't read it, but it weighs a ton...

  8. Was it Erica Jong?

  9. No it wasn't me.

    Pundy, please talk to the Grumpy Old Bookman (Michael Allen) about your idea. It is right up his street.

    crz, Erica.

  10. Hi Erica

    you're right - it wasn't you. In fact, I think it was Molly Parkin although I can't be certain.

    May I say how much I enjoyed your seventies' romp "Fear of Frying". I have grilled my meat ever since.