Friday, November 23, 2007

Prix Goncourt

Anyone know how you enter this competition? Do you have to be French? Same info required for The Booker Prize. Also, does the Pulitzer include fiction?

Any tips, advice or top prizes I've overlooked greatly appreciated.


  1. Dunno but have you seen you have reached the pinnacle anyway, without this whatever it is prize? Your book is on Grumpy Old Bookman, "the" book blog, in my opinion and loads of other people's I am sure. Congratulations!

  2. The Goncourt winners have suspiciously Frenchy names but I wouldn't let that worry you.

    An application form can be requested from
    M. Iavastory
    1234 Rue de Pistake

    Other than that go here

    the list is endless - better get some more paper.

  3. Yeah, the Pulitzer does fiction. How you get nominated for any of these three is a mystery.

    I think having a book is involved somehow, but the rest is a bit fuzzy.

  4. No, apparently you don't have to be French.

    "Last year's winner, ``Les Bienveillantes,'' a monumental 900-page work about World War II, was written by Jonathan Littell, an American." - Celestine Bohlen,