Thursday, June 05, 2008

On writing when somewhat pissed

I have absolutely no problem with writing the first draft of a novel when I'm squiffy, always provided of course that I can still see - and hit - the keyboard. When I am revising, however, which is most of the time since I need to do plenty of re-writes, I need to be absolutely stone cold sober. I guess that's because it's a totally different process. At the moment of creation drink is the catalyst as I drown in the primordial soup; during the stern revision process when I slice through the silliness and drivel drink is the reward to which I look forward with eyes filled with longing. Naturally this leads to a certain asymmetry in my writing productivity, but if it's a fine full-bodied red that's interrupting the creative process , so what.

On the other hand I'm perfectly content to write - unrevised - entries into my blog after a few glasses of red and I'm usually quite pleased with the result.

Until I read the blog again the next morning, that is. Still, maybe it's better to write something -anything - than drown in wine-filled silence.

I guess I'll find out - somewhat fuzzy-headed - tomorrow.


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  2. Erm...yes.

    But don't delete anything for 30 days...

  3. Some of our finest writers have written from the bottom of a bottle. I think alcohol has some sort of effect on the no-no valve leaving the frontal editor in the broom cupboard (best place for him).
    John, is right, don't delete, but also don't publish until stone cold pissed!

  4. Hello Pundy,
    Hope you're well.
    Sorry to read about what happened in Rome.
    Glad you're still writing and enjoying your wines.