Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blogging matters

I was really saddened recently when the Grumpy Old Bookman announced that in future he would only be blogging on an irregular basis. He is one of my blogging heroes, consistently informative and entertaining. I've mentioned before how much I admire the amount of work he puts into his blog - and how it shows. Last year I had a running joke about how I was trying unsuccessfully to get him to link to me. Well, while I was away on holiday to NZ, he finally put up a link. Thanks, Grumpy, for everything.

Actually, links are important to me. Like most people, I imagine, if I make the effort to blog I want to be as widely read as possible. Linking is a good way of spreading the word and building up readership. It's also very satisfying to find that someone thinks enough of your efforts to put up a link. On reflection, it's an area where I've been somewhat remiss in the past, so if you want a link on my blog drop me an e-mail and I'll be glad to oblige.

Another area where I am remiss to the point of rudeness is in responding to Comments (and even e-mails). Let me say right out that I love it when people comment on this blog. In fact, the comments are frequently the best bits of the whole damn thing. The 100+ comments made on one post while I was away were hilarious and deeply gratifying. Now, you may have noticed that I rarely respond. I'm not trying to excuse this rude behaviour but I will try and explain it. There are basically three reasons for my silence. Firstly, many of your comments are so intelligent - and frequently witty - that there's no way I can respond at the same level. I'm just not that clever. Secondly, I guess I'm a little scared of building up too personal a relationship with my readers. Don't take that the wrong way - I love you all. It's just that if I'm going to have the freedom to say exactly what I think on this blog without worrying too much about hurting anyone's feelings I need to keep a certain distance between me and my readers. The final reason is...damn, I've forgotten what the final reason is, but I'm certain that if you'd read it you would find it in your heart to forgive me. Just rest assured that I read every comment and I'd be heartbroken if you guys stopped butting in.

If the GOB's semi-retirement was a downer the launch of John Ahearn's blog Wordcarving was the very opposite. I've admired John's poems for a long time now and previously published a number of them on this blog. If you haven't already done so go take a look at his latest efforts. If this guy isn't a poetic genius, I'll eat my hat.

Finally, I'm continually surprised and delighted at the kindness of strangers. Susan Abraham, over on her blog Writing Passions, has put up a link to my online novel A Half Life of One, together with a very kind description. Thanks, Susan, that act of kindness really made my day.


  1. "Secondly, I guess I'm a little scared of building up too personal a relationship with my readers." --no chance of sex then, ah well....

  2. Jesus, Pundy. I'm not a kind person at all. :-)
    I'm not gracious or diplomatic.
    Always say what I feel straight up.

    I finished reading your novel in 2 1/2 days. I found your characterization of Nick Dowty gripping! And the plot drew me in without effort.

    In fact, I wanted to review your story on my blog but was concerned that you may have thought me impudent.

    It's a plot you could capitalise on at the moment. The theme is topical. The BBC presently devotes articles, interviews and documentaries to the subject of heavy debt amongst Britons.

    The little description reflected my feelings.

    The whole thing reminds me once more of BBC's popular My Life in Film starring Kris Marshall but without the character's comic absurdity. The deliberate lack of sentiment caused your book to be moulded in that specific vein. Which is what I felt. :-)

    The gif was to draw attention to your book.

  3. I often suffer from NITS syndrome when visiting ( Nothing Intelligent To Say).
    My links are way behind because tech-idiot that I am I have to wait until a TechChild is free to do them for me.

  4. The posts are artificed creations; comments are much less so. Theoretically. Ideally. No?

  5. Nope - not gonna forgive you. Can't relate to this needing distance thing at all. Aren't you honest with the people you love - even if what you have to say might hurt them initially?

    So now I'm hurt anyway - even with this distance. I'm in a strop and I'm off somewhere to sulk.

  6. PS I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago. I may not have made it clear a response was not optional.

    Look forward to hearing from you then?