Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Looks familiar

I was walking past the bookcase in the sitting-room today when something unaccountably caught my eye...

I stopped and did a double take. Something familiar and yet unaccountably odd had caught my attention. I peered closer...

The sunlight made it difficult to see but all the same. I squinted. It couldn't be, could it...

I felt a shiver running down my spine as I reached out to touch the book I thought I'd never see...


  1. Can hardly speak - so pleased, so very, very pleased.

    Where's mine then?

  2. This is a great day. Great day.

    I'm going for a drink.

  3. Come and join me in the bar, guys, I'm having an e-celebration.

    Take a seat beside the other ghosts. That's Scott Fitzgerald with the martini. Oh, and Hemingway's over at the bar ordering another round. Jimmy Joyce is in great form telling stories in the corner. And Fau...oh well, they're all here. All the blog writers too. Every one's here. They've all got a piece of the action, one way or another.

    It'll be a great night, won't it?

  4. Gin please, double.

    Well, Liversausage, you did it, so is this a party? Like the old days?

    I loved those late night virtual drinking sessions. The taxis, clean knickers, arguments about grammar, award ceremonies, fry ups, Glenfiddich, Glenbogle, mousetraps, sheiks and every which way to get a book published. Now look at us, look at you, and look at that!


    Yes, please, I'll have another.

  5. Anonymous9:30 am

    I'll have a pint of bitter if there is any please... Congrats by the way. A good idea and well seen through!

  6. All those parties I missed in the old days ...

    But I'm here now at this party of all parties to celebrate a triumph. I am blessed. You are blessed. We is all blessed together.

    Swiftly moving onto - I am pissed. You are ... etc etc.

    Now - where's the law stand on smoking at virtual parties?

  7. Fantastic news - here's to you Pundy!

  8. First, congratulations. No one can ever do anything about it now. The thing is there, out in the world. Second, I know, I know, there's always someone, but it did remind me . . .
    There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune . . .

  9. hot dog... congrats this is fantastic!!

  10. Congratulations, Pundy! Brilliant news!

  11. There's a great story about C.S. Lewis and Warnie his brother movin into new rooms at University, where the 'men are putting his books on a bok shelf and Lewis moves them off again. Apparently he was leaving room, plenty of room for his own books ;)

    Congratulations and I hope that hangover is worth it :)

  12. Mine is a very large glass of Tokay...if you're going to live it up, do it in style!!!


  13. Where do I send the cheque? So pleased to see the real thing-- looks a bit like my thesis ;-)

  14. How's the head? We're partying very quietly here in deference to your Real Life hangover.

    Minx - put that samba drum down!
    John - don't puff so loud as you exhale!
    And the rest of you - now is NOT the time for clog dancing.

  15. Sorry, Debi, got a bit carried away. Good news lifts the spirit, revives the soul, and as long as John B is not wearing a kilt again I think we can all enjoy ourselves.

    Right, lets toast the host, quietly.

  16. Oh yes! Let's play Toast the Host.

    Then we can move on to Eat the Editor, swiftly followed by Boil the Blogger, Stew the Student, Percolate the Poet, Scramble the Scribbler ...

    Oh what fun we shall have ...

  17. Pundy, the sun was on that book spine for a reason ... it's been chosen by the heavens to sparkle in the sporkle! Well done for this ... I will buy an enjoy ... it'll be better than reading on a computer screen. Excellent.

  18. Oh, by the way, I don't know why but I feel you need to put Possession by Byatt beside yours, so something rubs off ... I met her this year and she was a gem of a woman, who really likes to encourage new writers. Let her warmth go through your book, Pundy. Why not? There's nothing to lose.

  19. Congratulations, Mr Pundy!
    I peered at your blog ages ago and then recently read of your success...

  20. Does the vessel with the pestle have the true brew? Or the chalice from the palace?

    Or the flagon with the dragon?

  21. No! The pellet with the poison's in the flagon with the dragon, the vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true!

    And I'll have another gin - thank you.