Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Power of Dreams

I was in Naples a couple of years ago with my wife when I forgot the Pin number on my debit card. For some reason my wife's card wasn't working either.

Our cash pile dwindled rapidly and I was starting to get worried. When we went to bed that night I had a strange dream. I was standing at a cash machine and there was somebody behind me peering over my shoulder. That somebody was also me. I watched as I punched in my Pin number and the money tumbled out of the machine.

I woke up and nudged my wife awake.

"Quick, write this number down," I gasped.

In the morning straight after breakfast we hurried round to the nearest cash machine on the Via Partenope. My hand shook as I punched in the number from my dream. I could feel the hair rising on the back of my neckas the machine whirred and clattered noisily.

And then silence.

It was the wrong number.

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