Thursday, April 27, 2006

No more mister nice guy...

...for a while anyway.

After the euphoria of last week it's pretty clear that I have a lot of work to do re-writing my novel A Half Life of One.

I've also found myself swept up in some pretty momentous action in my business dealings. Suddenly I don't have a second to spare.

I'll get round to responding to all the recent comments I've received just as soon as I can. As soon as the dust settles - or if I get a spare moment - I'll get back to the blog.

Speak to you again soon.


  1. Good, you ain't dead then! Thought you might have overdone the gin!!

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  5. There used to be blog here....once!

  6. Faith, Minx. There still is...

  7. But he's gone and I miss the old bugger!

  8. Not gone, not forgotten, just working, which is, all in all, a good thing.

    Love your nursey suit...

  9. Naughty!

    Liked the clue you left for the rainy white chicken in the bloody red wheelbarrow - William Carlos Williams eh!
    Feed me some proper poetry - I miss it.