Monday, April 03, 2006


I'm pretty nervous right now. Why? Because someone is reading my novel A Half Life Of One. It's not just any old reader either. Her name is Lynne W Scanlon, better known as The Publishing Contrarian. Or, if you prefer, The Wicked Witch Of Publishing.

How do I know? Well, yesterday alone she left six comments over on the Half Life blog. She's promised to finish the book (which is a little rash perhaps) and then let me have it with both barrels. If you've ever visited her blog you'll know that she doesn't hold back when it comes to criticism.

So I'm nervous. Very nervous in fact. The thing is, though, she's a publishing professional with a good track record. The kind of person it's usually impossible to reach via the conventional publishing route.

So, whatever she says, I'll take it like a man. In other words, I'll crawl off into a corner and break down in tears.


  1. Take it like a man and get pissed! But who know, she may like it.

  2. Sound advice as ever, story blook, old chap.

    So good in fact, I'll get pissed whatever she says.

  3. Oh Pundy, give yourself a good talking to man. If the book is good, which it is, she'll bite your hand off!!

  4. Minx, it's not my hand I'm worried about.

    Anyway, haven't you just sent a Mss off to a publisher? Aren't you worried about the reaction you'll get?

  5. Pundy, you old sneak, you just slipped in when I was just talking about you!
    And no, not worried in the slightest. The Geishan Kumiai is good, I have to believe that so that someone else will (eventually) believe it too. Unconditional love and a thick skin will get me through!!

  6. Minx, that's good. Don't lose the faith.

    Tomorrow I'll link to your website - we writers have to stick together.

  7. Good strong comments, too. Very positive, I'd say...

    Although it's ridiculous to say don't worry, don't worry.