Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Poetic interlude

To cheer me up I'd like to share a couple of poems with you that I like a lot.

The first one comes from a source that might surprise regular readers of this blog. You can guess why I was taking a look at this blog. The author is Gav and you can find Gav's blog here.
I might suggest Gav should post more poems on his blog but I won't in case I start an argument. I love the simplicity and purity of the thought behind the poem; the timeless quality of the setting that illuminates the transient nature of life.

wind remoulds sand;
we watch the sea.
waves crash in;
wash you away.
alone again;
wind, sand, me.

The second poem is from someone who's becoming one of my favourite poets, John Ahearn. It's here because it makes me feel pleasantly sad.


We were time’s own darlings once, Love,
or so we thought, if we thought at all
in that brief immortal idiot season.
The Sibyl hissed with our new wine,
sent up her knotted auguries
of omened smoke to make us mad
enough to quiz the very sphinx.

Now this shambles at the glass:
riddled lips, lidless gaze,
a patent frenzy of decay.
But tonight I saw the moon steal in
like a lover where you slept, to thumb
the veiled omens of your spine. Oh, love
your gray, ruined creature as I do mine.

Hm. Chicken soup for the soul, right enough


  1. Beautiful, both

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