Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Daddy Cool

You may have read in the Grumpy Old Bookman recently of a blog called Sound of Meat written by a guy called Daddy Radic.

Daddy R is a convicted felon who recently sold the church of which he was a pastor. Without, I understand, the agreement, or knowledge, of his flock. I presume he has also been unfrocked as a result. Oh, and he bought a BMW with the proceeds, so he does have some saving graces.

I've also heard from Daddy R a couple of times after he visited this blog. I replied to one of his e-mails and as a result I find I have been inducted into the Anti-Christian Christian Brotherhood and Social Club as an affiliate/unofficial member. I am, naturally, honoured.

Daddy R's blog is pretty off-the-wall and Daddy R himself is a little, er, unusual. But he is certainly entertaining and original. And he does know how to market himself.

Go visit his blog. But think twice before you invite him round for tea.


  1. Weird, but strangely fascinating!

  2. Yikes. Yet what he says about this blog is true. And I loved the 8-Ball Chicks.

    It will come as a surprise to no one that I too am a keeper of some large black dogs. They're grinning at me now. Too much adrenaline kicking the computer's ass.

    You have succeeded in getting me drunk. You very much.

  3. Anonymous4:58 am

    Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.