Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I predict a diet

Weighed myself this morning - put on three pounds in the last month. That is not supposed to happen. I always lose weight in the summer. More exercise, lots of salads, the occasional glass only of white wine.

The reality - too hot to walk; too many barbecues; far too may glasses of red wine.

I feel a diet coming on.

Not all bad news tho' - the new book is coming along nicely.


  1. Three pounds? Lightweight!
    I could put that on in an afternoon.

    I predict less food - a sensible solution to eating too much.

  2. Oh Pundy, worried now. I've been away a week and if you are still on this diet then you'll be starting to resemble Nicole Richie and her 'lollipop head' gang.

    Remember the mantra of the faithful....

    'Jameson's is good for me,
    I must have one every day,
    the doctor says they're good for me,
    to keep the paunch at bay'

  3. must be a good diet - you've disappeared