Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Prose and Cons

So if I self-publish what are the likely Pros and Cons?

The Pros:

1 I'm in control of, and responsible for, my own literary destiny

2 I can set my own modest sales targets commensurate with my modest literary achievements

3 I can set my own marketing budget

4 I can lavish love and attention on my book

5 I can devote all my energies to devising my own brilliant marketing campaign

6 The marketing campaign will be sustained over the life of the book

The Cons:

There are no cons because for me there is no alternative to self-publishing


  1. go for it Bill and if you come up with any brilliant marketing ideas please share them

  2. Oh at last - Blogger has been doing some very weird stuff today!

    What I was going to say was - what have you got to lose?