Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I'm stuck in that peculiar limbo that every aspiring writer knows so well. I've sent my mss off to the publisher and I'm waiting for the inevitable rejection. I have a Plan B. And C and D and...

But I can't begin to implement any of them while there's still hope. That faint glimmer of light that's probably another false dawn.

So I remain here tongue-tied, waiting my fate. In limbo. In purgatory.


  1. Why are you sitting in limbo when there are things to be done? I hope plan b, c, and d includes writing the next book, and forgetting that you have ever written a word before this latest masterpiece!
    More eggs in more baskets Pundy! Write some poetry, write your memoires, write a few more blog posts, but don't sit there on your own in purgatory. There's plenty of us to keep you company. Come on over, have a drink, have three, and we'll do a bit of plotting!!

  2. Funny, I feel like that so much of the time, over such little things. Hope you achieve escape velocity, what Minx suggests sounds fun.

  3. Ah, purgatory, limbo, what all writers suffer for their art. :) I try and keep even more stories written and more in the loop of 'submission limbo' while awaiting answers. And of course, I try and keep myself going on editing draft-zero of my novel. Best of luck