Monday, October 17, 2005

The Blurb

Novel Title: A Half Life of One

This story is set in contemporary Scotland, around Deeside, in an isolated landscape where events can unfold in a vacuum, without ever being detected.

A middle-aged man loses nearly everything when his business collapses. The bank is threatening to re-possess his home and throw his family out onto the streets. Under extreme duress from his creditors he hatches a plan to kidnap a wealthy female entrepreneur who owns a country estate near to where he lives.

Things don't work out the way he planned.

Find out what happens when an ordinary individual is subjected to intolerable pressure.

Share his terror when you realise how easy it is for any of us to go off the rails.

Pray that you're never placed in the same situation.

Weep for those who lose their lives.

Chapter 1 will be published tomorrow.

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