Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is this the death of traditional publishing?

I thought you'd like to know how the battle for the attention of the reading public was going. That's the battle between Read On Demand (me) and traditional publishing (Random House, Penguin etc).

This is easily measurable by counting the number of comments I have received this week compared to the number of books that have been sold worldwide in that time. Oh, okay, maybe that's an unfair comparison. A fairer measure of the decline in traditional publishing would be a comparison between the number of comments I have received since I invented the the new paradigm and the number of books sold since Guttenberg invented the printing press.

On that basis I've just re-checked the figures and so far the results are as follows:

Read On Demand: 1 Traditional Publishing: More than that (I'm still counting but I'll get back to you soon).

The conclusion has to be, I think, that we still have some way to go.

Stop Press: Somene has pointed out thatthe only comment I have received is simply spam. In the interests of fairness I'll check this and get back to you. Meanwhile, 3 gazillion and thirty-two, 3 gazillion and thirty-three....

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