Saturday, October 29, 2005

My blog marketing demograhics

It's a pretty poor blogger who doesn't analyse his website traffic to see how successfully he is reaching his target audience. In my case the target audience is potential readers of my novel "A Half Life Of One".

Here's what's happened since I launched this blog on 11th October 2005:

Comments (ie responses):

Number of posts since launch: 31
Number of comments: 10
Breakdown by interest of commentators: Online loans: 3
Medical (including rashes): 3
Kissing: 1
Gambling: 2
Literary: 1

Number of favourable comments on my weblog: 9
Number of views (ie clickthroughs) delivered to "A Half Life Of One": 0


Total no of visits to weblog: 64
Of which: Me: 25
Others: 39
Total duration of visits: Me: 80mins 25secs Others: 7min 03secs
Average duration of visits: Me: 3mins 20 secs Others: 11 secs*
*Median duration of external visitors: 0 secs
Number of return visitors: 0


If you exclude my visits then my average visitor is probably male, wealthy, slightly hypochondriac, adventurous, uncritical and with an extremely short attention span.

If you include my visits then my average visitor is 57 years old, runs his own businesses, lives in Aberdeenshire, enjoys reading, fishing, writing, Scott Fitzgerald and was born on April 20.


While undoubtedly encouraging it is clear that the blog is not yet attracting a sufficient share of the desired target market. It is suggested that a viral marketing campaign be implemented immediately and its success monitored.

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  1. Hello, hello? testing...
    sorry, I just couldn't resist that! I feel your plight though dawg, and I hope you figure this one out, 'cuz keeping a blog (or anything else in your life) that doesn't live up to your expectations sucks majorly!