Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kicking Off

I'm going to kick off this blog by publishing a chapter a week of my latest unpublished novel. It's called "A Half Life of One" and has garnered numerous rave rejection slips and a lukewarm acceptance by a starving agent. Who later got cold feet.

The book is finished but if anyone actually reads it here and makes some pertinent comments that I agree with I'll change it as I roll it out.

I no longer care about getting the book published. I'm an entrepreneur, own several businesses and don't need the money. I only want to make some connections. I've published several stories on the net and continue to get steady feedback. That's reward enough.

Tomorrow I'll set the scene for the book and then, once I've figured out how, I'll start the publishing process. Funnily enough, this is an exciting process. So immediate. This is what writing should be all about. Making connections. Both ways. And somehow it feels purer than trying to sell to an intermediary. Suddenly I feel released. See you tomorrow.

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