Friday, March 10, 2006

Not all black and white

I'm one of these people who don't see the world as black or white. For me it's all shades of grey.

As a result, for example, although I don't believe in God I'm an agnostic, not an atheist. That's because although there's no proof that God exists, there's none that he doesn't either. On this one I'm happy to wait and see. I'll find out soon enough. If he/she does exist by the way, I'm going to treat him/her as an equal, on my terms. I don't bend my knee to anyone. Now, I realise this might get me into trouble in the afterlife, but there are SOME things I believe in, and equality is one of them.

My lack of a rigid belief system can get me into trouble. I find it hard to condemn Tony Blair totally for example. I think he's a bit of a fraud and a chancer, a guy whose ambition has got him way out of his depth. But some of the things he's tried to do seem okay to me. Geez. I've said that and now I can't think of any examples. Not one. I'll move on quickly.

George Bush is more problematic. All I can say in his defence is that he truly believes in what he is doing. Doesn't make him right, of course. He has a rigid belief system. For him the world really is black and white. People like that - and there are a lot about in every walk of life - scare me rigid.

Call me a bleeding heart liberal if you like but the more you look at any issue the less clear cut the answer seems. That isn't a recipe for inaction, simply for more considered action.

Still, you can't tell people can you. I used to work for a guy who would argue about everything. Whatever you said he would take issue with you. One day, out of exasperation, I said, "Jeez, George, your impossible. You'd argue that black was white."

"Black isn't a colour," was his immediate rejoinder.

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