Monday, March 20, 2006

Waughn Out

Need a break from Evelyn Waugh so I've started reading The Commitments by Roddy Dyle, an Irish writer. Excellent, earthy, great dialogue. Very funny too.

Talking of which, we went to see Jerry Springer The Opera on Saturday. Saw it about a year ago on the telly and loved it. The theatre wass even better, even if we were slightly pissed. Think you'd have to be awfully narrow-minded to take offence. It might be rude, and irreligious and scatological but it's so good-natured and anyway people should laugh at themselves and others and not take themselves so seriously.

Afterwards watched a group of drunken youths kicking the shit out of each other in the road outside the theatre. One guy thumped a young woman in the face. Several did their best to kick a guy on the ground in the head. That was a form of street theatre which I did find offensive and upsetting. And pretty scary too.

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