Thursday, March 09, 2006

What's the Grumpy Old Bookman worth?

To me about fifty to sixty extra readers a day for a couple of days.

That's what I get whenever I've managed to entice him to mention this blog. Using various stratagems I've achieved that feat three or four times now. In fact, I think I may hold the record for posts about other blogs on his site.

In our hermetic little literary world the Grumpy Old Bookman is an undoubted A-lister. He's also the only one who's ever referenced me, despite a fierce marketing campaign on my part aimed at other A-listers. It works, I think, because he knows what I'm up to - he's sees right through my little marketing ploys. Fortunately he's got a sense of humour which is similar to my own. Maybe that's because we're both getting on a bit. Oh, and of course we're both British. And he's obviously a kind guy too.

I won't be targetting him again in the near future - he's done his bit for this blog and I think he deserves a break. My one disappointment is that I haven't managed to get him to link to me. Maybe I'm a bit too frivolous even for him.

Or maybe he just doesn't read this blog.


  1. Anonymous5:00 pm

    I found this blog through the GOB, and it's been consistently amusing and thought-provoking. Probably why he linked it, and why he probably reads it.

    Rave on.

  2. Thanks, much appreciated.

    I'll rave on for a bit longer, at least as long as I feel I can still raise the odd laugh.