Monday, February 27, 2006

Miracles Do Happen

The purpose behind this blog is to act as a shop window for my free online novel A Half Life Of One but the truth is that this is a flawed business model.

People will happily visit this blog for amusement or entertainment without ever taking a look at my book. If they're writers themselves they may be keeping a watchful eye on the success or otherwise of my project, again without ever wishing to read the book.

In essence, the problem is that it's very difficult to attract potential readers. People who are actually looking for a book to read.

Unless of course you have a blog which is designed specifically with this one aim in view. Like Free Online Novels. A blog which does exactly what it says on the tin. I've mentioned the blog before in relation to the International Blookreader Awards. If you want to find an online novel to review Free Online Novels is the place to go.

Well, over the weekend, Jennifer Armstrong, who runs the blog, kindly put up a link to A Half Life Of One on the site. As a result, more people have taken a look at my book in the last twenty-four hours than have done in the whole of the previous three months.

Jennifer has obviously put a lot of work into her site. And there's no catch either. It's all very altruistic. Which means we all owe Jennifer a whole bunch of thanks.

Despite my weary cynicism, it appears that miracles can happen.

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