Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Edsell Blues

Yesterday I had the Edsell Blues. No, not depression. Potatoes. I grew them along with the Pink Fir Apples and Golden Wonders.

They have a very thick and tasty skin which I leave on. You can't boil them because they turn to mush. I either steam them or par boil them and then roast them. They're one of the tastiest tatties I've ever eaten.

Actually, gardening generally, and eating your own produce in particular is a pretty good antidote to depression. Something about getting back to nature, being self-sufficient, even creative I guess. And of course there's all that vitamin C in the skin.

So, the moral is: eat up your Edsell Blues if you want to drive away the winter blues. Because, unfortunately, winter is coming. Fast.

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