Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What a coincidence

I was reading Skint Writer's blog today and I see that he has been blogging for exactly six months. Well done, Skint, so little time and so much achieved.

Made me wonder how long I've been blogging for. Well, blow me, I've checked my old posts and it's exactly a year today since I started! Isn't that amazing. Here's my first ever post:

"Only connect.....ONLY!

On an impulse that has been building up for years I decided to create this blog. What I'm going to try and do is create a platform that will allow me to publish my latest novel, some short stories, some rants and some thoughts on the state of the world. To share myself with some like-minded people. So this is day one. I hope you enjoy the journey with me."

Well, it's certainly been an enjoyable journey, and one which I hope still has some way to go. I'm amazed I've kept it going for so long - despite the intermittent silences when I've felt like I had nothing to say.

And like any good journey I've met some really fascinating people on the way. And made some good friends too. Connected, in fact, with people like you. My heartfelt thanks for keeping me company.


  1. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Mission accomplished then Pund, though certainly no where near completed!
    It has been a pleasure and long may it continue.
    Happy Blogday!

    Mwah, mwah!

  2. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Not sure what mwah mwah means, but well done and keep it going.

    Trapped in your book now and enjoying the journey immensely.......

  3. Keep it going Bill. I feel you have even more to offer.

  4. Maybe we could prevail on Minx to bake a of her specials.

    Congratulations, Bill. A little Larkin:

    It's easy to write when you've nothing to write about
    (That is, when you are young),
    The heart-shaped hypnotics the press is polite about
    Rise from an unriven tongue.

    Later on, attic'd with all-too-familiar
    Tea-chests of truth-sodden grief,
    The pages you scrap sound like school songs, or sillier,
    Banal beyond belief.

    So good for you, Gavin, for having stayed sprightly
    While keeping your eye on the ball;
    Your riotous road-show's like Glenlivet nightly,
    A warming to us all.

  5. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Oh yes, a cake. I had forgotten I could virtually bake as well as giving virtual air kisses - mwah!

    A neat expression as always jta.

  6. Happy Blogday, Pundy! Here's to another year!

  7. I've not matured as much as you yet, Pundy, but have been around the blogowhatsit slightly longer than Skint.
    I enjoy both your blogs.
    Long may they both continue.