Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Great stats

There's nothing better in blogging* than checking out your stats (ask me if you don't know how to check mine) and seeing that someone has spent a lot of time reading your blog.

Today was a particularly good day over on A Half Life of One, my online novel. Two people popped by earlier and between them spent over 200 minutes reading the book. One has to assume they weren't doing so because they hated it. The best thing of all is if they read it right to the end. That kind of makes it all worthwhile.

*Almost as good is people leaving Comments. Comments are a good thing in blogging. The more the merrier, the greater the satisfaction. More about Comments tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous4:56 pm

    See, you're going to miss all this - coming home at the end of the day and finding all your friends have left their calling cards!
    But I'm not leaving anything nice today because I'm still SULKING!

  2. You have mail!

  3. So if comments are so good, have you read the one I left to your 'I'm buggering off and abandoning you all' post?

    I honestly don't get it ... I'm with Minx - sulking and foot-stamping!