Thursday, November 30, 2006

Crazy poetry guy

An occasional visitor to this blog, and commenter, is a guy called Beau Blue. Like a lot of people who come here when they have nothing better to do he's a little crazy so I didn't pay him too much attention other than hoping he wasn't going to come round and visit me some day soon.

And then I realised that Beau has a website. You can visit it here. And you should visit it too. It really is a most extraordinary site, devoted almost entirely to poetry. What is really unusual is that you don't just get to read the poems, you get to listen to them too.

Now, I still think Beau is crazy but he's crazy in that eccentric way that makes the world such an interesting place. So interesting that I think I'll hook up a link to him.

But Beau, if you are thinking of coming round, please don't. I've moved. Honest.

1 comment:

  1. No need to worry about my showing up, I've been told about the weather on that island.

    Unless you moved all the way to northern California. If you've done that then, yes, you should worry that I'll want to visit and sponge up some of your spirits. Then I'd insist you record things and I'd make you an avatar, set you to performing in my cafe. I'm pushy that way, I've been told.

    Thanks for the plug. I should update the blog. I'll add a recip link. Should have thought to do it before.

    My main website is 'Beau Blue Presents' at (please forgive me my little spam in your comments section). I have the blogger spot so I don't have to comment on people blogs as "anonymous".