Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How long?

A couple of weeks back Skint Writer posed some interesting questions about why we blog and how long this strange phenomenon will endure.

The Why? part of his question has many answers and I've touched on the subject quite a few times myself in this blog. Other bloggers have brought a different perspective to this question. We all have our reasons.

How long? is also interesting. I guess in part it depends what type of blog you have and what your motivation is. If you're an aggregator type you can continue forever, or at least for as long as you can be bothered combing the blogosphere for interesting items of news, in effect offering a free public service. If you're a commentator, offering an expert assessment of what's going on in your area of expertise, your shelf-life too is also only limited by your tenacity.

In this blog I've gone for something a little different, trying mostly to create original content. Not that original though. To tell the truth, mostly I've been writing about myself, re-cycling my life, my hopes and fears.

And that's all very well. But it's a finite subject and I kind of suspect that you, dear readers, have already had the best of me. As a result I fear that I will soon turn into the party bore, the guy everyone dreads being stuck in the corner with. A rather lame one-trick pony.

So, I've decided that this blog will shortly come to the end of what has proven to be its natural life. At the end of this month to be precise. That's about three weeks time, roughly another twenty posts or so. I'll use the remaining period to examine my successes and failures in blogdom. I'll pass on what I've learned, the pros and the cons of blogging. And, rest assured, there are many, many pros. I'll also have the occasional rant at a few subjects that are still irking me. I might even crack a few jokes.

And at the end of it all we'll have a big blog party, just like we used to do back in the summer.


  1. I think blogs are addictive. I've tried several times to leave mine, but they are an instant way of communicating with the world. A book is in print for as long as it takes to rot but a blog and the words it contains can be made and disolved with the push of a view buttons.

    I hope your muse is a nag that doesn't let you stop blogging.

    A blog isn't a daily thing. A blog should be something you turn to when you have something to say.

  2. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Sad now...

    How will I know how the book is doing?
    Who else can I be rude to?
    How will I know when your wife has farted or when you have been stolen by the oil sheiks? Bugger!

  3. So that's what happens when Debra Hamel discovers your blog -- you close it down. Bloody typical.

  4. Daddy6:35 pm

    Too bad. And I agree, how will I know how your book(s) are doing? However, I do understand the desire to stop. I wish you the best and many bestsellers!

  5. Exactly, Maxine. Apparently this is all my fault.

  6. Exactly, Maxine. Apparently this is all my fault.

  7. You see? I can't even do the commenting thing properly.

  8. Come on Bill, admit it, you're just a lazy bastard!

  9. Not good news, Bill. This is definitely not good news.

    I hope you will change your mind.

  10. I don't agree with this. What will you do? You're meant to blog, so do the deed. There are many many blogs but there aren't many good blogs. Stick around, face up to the truth. You're needed here.

  11. No no no! Please! Don't make me grovel ...

    Look - what you're saying is like telling your friends or family in Real Life that you have nothing left to give and you're going to shut them out. Why should Blogworld be any different? You've built up relationships and I can't see why you would just want to abandon them now ...

    Please, rethink ... I don't think you've really given a satisfactory justification for closing down completely. So why? What's this all really about???