Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Inside my head

I get dozens of ideas for new posts every day. If I really set my mind to it I reckon I could easily produce three or four good ones (my definition) for the next few years.

So why don't I? Usually I compose the posts in my head before I write anything down. Mostly in bed at night, although sometimes when I'm driving in the car. With really good posts - when I think I've come up with something original to say for example - I may not be able to get to sleep trying to get them right. If I think they're funny I'll often burst out laughing as I'm drifting off to sleep - which drives my wife nuts.

In the morning I'll try and remember what I "wrote" the night before while I'm brushing my teeth or - particularly good this one - while having a shower. At this stage I'll sometimes get so excited I barely have time to dry myself down.

Then I'll dash through to my study and switch on the computer. And while it's booting up that's when the trouble usually starts.

Doubt sets in.

Is it really that funny? Am I not just saying that for effect? Is that actually true? Am I telling them only what they want to hear? Isn't that me just showing off? They'll see what I'm up to with that one. What if they don't like it? I'm just trying to manipulate them again.

So before logging into my blog I'll have a look at what's in the news. And I'll read something like that horror story in the Congo. And suddenly I'll feel so small, and self-indulgent and egocentric and, above all, irrelevant.

And I won't post that day after all.


  1. Lynne W. Scanlon11:14 pm

    So funny! I do the same thing!

    I'm so damn amusing to myself at 3 am, I can't stand it!

    Sometimes I chuckle while I write the posting, too. That is, when I'm not "spittin' bullets" as they say here in the US.

  2. Anonymous12:50 am

    No, no, no Pundy!
    Please put frontal lobe police in place before showering. We can then all have a laugh before attending to the miseries of the day!

  3. Anonymous10:29 am

    This is your space and you alone dictate how it's occupied. You're not responsible for global atrocities, neither are you obliged to highlight them on your site. The blogosphere is heaving with 'political' blogs, so if you wish to speak your mind on a particular issue, go comment on one. You're the boss. Keep on blogging as you are.

    As for getting excited occasionally when in the shower, that's good. It gives you something to hang your towel on!

  4. Hi Lynne, I don't think I've yet written a "spittin' bullet" post yet but I think I'll follow your example and work myself up to one.

    Minx, the frontal lobe police are with me even as I write.

    Ah, Don, if only that peg would support the weight. Maybe if I got a smaller towel, one that would barely hide my modesty. You're right about the blogosphere heaving with political blogs but some things - political or otherwise - demand a post. I'll take your advice tho' and keep on blogging. If you don't mind I'll also put up a link to your blog.

  5. Anonymous2:24 pm

    But be it on your own head if you link to my site. It's bad enough having me lower the tone with my comments, but to brazenly sport my link is tantamount to encouragement - think of your other readers! Ah well, as I said before, you're the boss!

  6. I think up posts all the time while not sleeping at night. In the morning I have several in my head. I think of them at other "break points" in the day, too, eg going up and down the escalators/stairs at stations when I can't read my book.
    But my memory is so shot and my time so limited, that very few of them make it to the screen.
    (And when they do they are never as good as they were in my head, but that's another track of neurosis to this one.)

  7. Anonymous9:18 am

    Stop worrying and just do what you do Pundy....your blog is all the things you want it to be......

  8. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Don's 100% spot on with his first comment.

    It's a big wide world out there. And space within it to laugh and cry and shout and scream and chuckle and whinge and rant and be deep and be shallow ...

    Though it's probably best not to attempt all simultaneously ...