Thursday, November 09, 2006

More on less

Hm. Okay, I admit it. I feel like the kid who's taken his ball away. And there I was thinking I was doing you a favour.

I didn't take the decision to stop blogging lightly. However, I will admit that in a sense I've taken away from you something I don't really own - your right to stop reading this blog when YOU decide you've had enough. I guess that's why you're all pissed off with me.

All right. Here's the new deal then. I won't stop at the end of November. BUT I'm not undertaking to continue blogging indefinitely - or even very regularly either. Right, happy now? Or do you want a minimum number of words/ideas/jokes/rants a day written into this unwritten contract which I didn't know I had? What are your obligations by the way? Come to that, what do I get out of all this?

I've talked about the tyranny of readers before. You know who you are. This is worse than being married.

Is it all right if I leave the keyboard for five minutes and go to the lavatory? Yes, I'll wash my hands afterwards. Okay, okay I promise not to abscond. Gosh, look outside. The sun is shining. I bet it's nice out there. I wonder if the birds are singing. Sigh. I guess I'll never know.

PS Don't think you've heard the last of this either. I'll get my own back - you wait and see.


  1. Huh! Now who's going off in a strop?

    The new deal sounds fine to me. And actually not much different to the old one. You blog when you want and about what you want. We choose to read, comment or not ... Was it not ever thus?

    Oh - and I'm really really REALLY pleased btw (but I wish I knew how to make that last sentence come out in teensy weensy font.)

  2. Pundy,
    I was sad to read your earlier post - see my comment on Minx's blog - and now I'm happier reading this. Whew. There has to be continuity. Who else will celebrate when we strike the jackpot? Strange, isn't it, this habit we build up. I'm hopelessly nostalgic, and blogging wouldn't be the same without the fellow bloggers who were there in the beginning - I think me, you and Minx started around the same time (Minx was the first to leave a comment on my blog I think). So, just post when you want, we're always around. And just because we don't leave a comment doesn't mean we're not following things!

  3. Lav? Certainly, if and when necessary, but you mustn't dawdle. And remember--more than three shakes and it's wanking.

    Sunlight is carcinogenic--you'll thank us for keeping you out of it. Eventually.

    The birds are like the Euphuists--very pretty sounds, but they don't say much. Not much of a loss, and you can always leave the windows open and have the best of them.

    True, you'll have to spend less time out in the pasture, but isn't that really for the best? Isn't it?

    Seriously, your readership is increasing, and must surely be approaching the tipping point where you'll become not merely an A-lister (a relatively trivial ambition), but a national institution. At the very least, you'll be building a sturdy platform from which to launch your books.

    Being married's not so bad, is it, Bill?

  4. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Good man, I knew that you would see sense!

    Can we have a party now? I've missed them?

  5. Anonymous6:01 pm

    pee ess - Debi even emailed me the news!!

  6. Good man, good decision. The deblog and Petrona approve.

  7. Anonymous6:18 am

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  8. Anonymous10:28 am

    Pundy, I think you need to sign a 5 year blogging contract.
    Minimum of three posts per week and at least 15000 words in total.

    In return, you can moan about us as much as you like!

    Delighted by the way!