Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bugger me

I don't believe it. I really don't believe it. I've just read Petrona (aka Maxine)'s post about the fire and potential explosion near her offices in Kings Cross. Macmillan New Writing is in the same building.

Not only have I now got a useless Easyjet ticket down to the Big Smoke but my mss has probably gone up in flames as well.

Someone up there really doesn't like me.


  1. She's ok, I google-chatted Maxine last night but she could probably do with an email hug, and you guys are just so good at that!!!

  2. Well, shucks...

  3. Yes, as of just now, the fire is still burning so evidently a very long manuscript, Pundy!

    I'm fine by the way, just logistically challenged.

    all my best to everyone, and don't send the ms in a gas cylinder next time, Pundy! PC Plod is still not letting us back in, in case it explodes.

  4. Pundy, what have you done?

  5. JTA, I know, it's scary. I didn't know I had these powers. If I did I'd have been published years ago.

    Sell your shares in Transworld - they're next on my list of recipients.

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