Friday, June 16, 2006

Me and my wife

It can't be easy being married to me.

Even a casual reader of this blog will quickly sense what a gloomy bastard I am. Tortured too. Funnily enough though, my married life isn't like that at all. Probably because my wife and I are such very different people. She's an eminent scientist, highly esteemed in her field, a world authority in fact. She's pretty down to earth, level-headed, sensible and laughs a lot at my jokes. I guess that last bit is the key. Somehow or other I make her laugh a lot. Well, you've got to, haven't you.

I don't think she's ever looked at this blog. I mean, I could ask her but, somehow I'm a little embarrassed. It feels like it's my dirty little secret. And if I thought she was reading this (and she knows I'm doing it), I'd surely feel inhibited. Or, just possibly, I'd go the other way and become totally outrageous.

Actually, if she was the one writing a blog I'd be peeking at it all the time. I'd tell her I wasn't, but I would. It'd be like reading her diary. Sadly she doesn't keep a diary. Maybe I'll get her one for her birthday.

If only I could remember when that was.


  1. Ever go ice-fiishing, Bill? They have this newfangled digital gadget that warns you when the ice is too thin, sends out a little mini-klaxon signal. Better get one...

  2. Ice-fishing? No. It doesn't get cold enough here. It could be a handy device though. I've spent my whole life walking on thin ice.

  3. It's just that right now I'm in the doghouse, for who knows how long. Went out Wed. night, got home 1AM, sober as many a judge, which gave rise to a conspicuous silence at first, which itself gave rise to a discussion about exactly how thoughtless, inconsiderate and ungracious a son of a mother I can be when I want to. And I agree that I can if I want to, but I don't do it often, honest.

    I don't even cheat. (Got that, Hon?)
    So I'm feeling a bit raspy. But I forgot the batteries for my ice meter, so I have to take what's coming to me, I guess. I'll dig out the poems.

  4. Silly boys - you just don't get it do you?
    Men are from Mars and women rule the rest of the universe. Who do you think made the ice thin in the first place? Such sport!

  5. What you say about your wife, Mr Pundy: "She's an eminent scientist, highly esteemed in her field, a world authority in fact."
    exactly applies to my husband (subst. he for she). Wonder if they know each other?
    However, Malcolm doesn't laugh at my jokes as I am so gloomy and depressed (won't call myself a bastard) I never make any.
    Malcolm has never looked at my blog, I am sure, though I have been obsessed with it since I started it in December. My daughters responded by starting their own blogs, so now we all blog. Malcolm words out how crossbridges power muscle while we are all blogging. (that's his thing).
    Yeah, if he wrote a blog I would sign up to its rss feed ;-)
    I am a magpie, though.

    Sorry to hear you are in the ice-house jta. Hope it all thaws out soon.

  6. Thanks, Maxine. All's well again, actually (and soon the swelling will be gone, too.)

    BTW, I found Petrona only recently, through Minx's blog, and have been quietly passing through. Astonishing scope of coverage. It must take a lot of effort to keep it up.


  7. Hi Maxine

    I've visited your blog a number of times and you certainly don't come across as a gloomy and depressed bastard (see my photo for a good example), even if you are one, as you say. As a matter of fact I really enjoy your blog and it's stuffed full of useful information.
    Keep it up.

    I don't have much experience as an agony aunt but in this instance I suggest you buy yourself a book of jokes, select a couple you haven't heard before, learn them by heart, practice them in front of a mirror when there's nobody about and then spring them on your husband when he's least expecting it. Probably best over breakfast.

    If he doesn't laugh - he's the gloomy and depressed one.

  8. Minx, and there was me thinking it was all down to global warming.

    Isn't there something about hell freezing over and women? Did you do that too?

  9. Maxine is funny, she just doesn't believe it.
    And boys, boys, what can I say, honesty is the best policy. The MD takes me out with him now on a Beerpig jaunt. Not only can I drink creatively but I can remember where I live and order a taxi home!

  10. Most of the time...

  11. Malcolm is funny too. He has a sunny and optimistic disposition, which is good for him (having to live with me).
    Pundy and jta, I am so thrilled that you've visited Petrona -- please come again! So delighted you like it. That has really chuffed me up (can I write that? ungrammatical -- "that has really made me dead chuffed" is probably better).

    It gives me a real lift when people like Petrona. And it is no effort to do it, it is (as Minx would say) "my little rock" -- I suppose it is what passes for a little creative island in my overstressed life!

    Rest of the time -- gloom and internal doom. But I have a good veneer ;-) (Now, Minx, no rude comments please if you are reading this.)