Friday, June 23, 2006

Macmillan New Writing 2

Didn't phone MNW about A Half Life of One after all. Although they've already had the mss for four days now it occurred to me that maybe one person alone couldn't take the decision to publish the book. I imagine that a whole raft of senior editorial directors will be poring over my masterpiece this weekend. That's good. The more people who are behind the book in Macmillan's the bigger the promotional budget it's likely to get.

If I don't hear from them on Monday am I'll give them a call in the afternoon to check out the form on signing the contract, the drinks party launch etc.


  1. Drinks?
    Yes I'll have a large one.

    Oh Pund, pissed as a newt (it is Friday after all) and I'm so glad you're back on the scene.
    Knew I missed you for some reason!

    Glad you hooked up with Skinty, am sure he's a long lost relative of yours! And what did you do to jta, suddenly he's turned gobby. Instead of the odd 'cut throat' comment we're now getting all these indepth discussions about pubic wigs and nuts. Love it!

  2. Good luck with MNW, Pundy. May you shine where I bombed out!I think it's safe to say that they do read everything they get. I'm not sure who exactly reads it though, but it seems everything is considered. The rejection I got was also from the top shelf!

  3. Hi shameless,

    one rejection doesn't amount to a hill of beans. you're still trying, aren't you? for a British publisher?

  4. What have you got in the bar then?
    I'm back.

  5. You name it I've got it.

    Welcome back Minx. This is a hassle-free area. Well, until JTA appears at least.

  6. Oops, was just writing my thank you notes, did I miss last orders?

  7. Oh come on you two, you can't keep a girl with a Jameson's and cigar waiting, can you?

  8. Hurry up, please, it's time.

  9. Sorry, guys, crashed out and went to bed last night and inadvertently took the keys to the drinks cabinet with me.

    As many people have observed over the years I'm a flashy drinker. Poke it down my throat with great rapidity when the bar opens, don't pace myself. Rarely see past 10.00pm when I'm on a bender.

    The sad truth is I'm simply not a proper pisshead like you guys. So sorry.

  10. Anonymous4:58 am

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