Monday, June 26, 2006

Macmillan New Writing 3

Surprised not to hear from MNW after they've had the chance to read my book A Half Life of One over the weekend.

In the end, I've decided NOT to phone them. I think it's better to go down and visit them in person. They're bound to want a new publicity photo of me for a start (I'm much better looking than the photo on my blog makes me appear. Indeed, when the light strikes me in a certain way I'm almost handsome).

I can't make an appointment because I don't know right now which Easyjet flight I'll be taking. I don't foresee any problems if I simply turn up unannounced at reception tomorrow.

I'll let you know what they say after my visit.


  1. now you're getting the hang of it

  2. Will you be armed?

  3. I'm taking a baseball bat, you don't think I'm stupid do you. Don't answer that, it's rhetorical

  4. Only prudent.

    Actually I have a novel idea--why not just grab one of the eds and throw her into a van? As soon as they sign off on the book, she can go, free as a bird. Don't know what made me thnk of it...

  5. er, JTA, I'm not admitting anything you understand, but in my experience such strategems have a habit of going badly wrong.

  6. PUNDY! don't go there tomorrow. Didn#t you read my post on Petona -- total exclusion zone 200 m round the place. Obviously this unexploded gas canister stuff is a mere rumour invented to get the police in to ensure you don't get near the place!
    doing a skint now (he who does not think I know any html, ha! ha! ha! hollow laughter) ===
    it is not the html that is the problem it is this silly blogger comment box thingy, here we go:

    Off kilter

  7. skintwriter1:55 pm

    Well done Maxine A*

  8. Anonymous4:58 am

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