Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Macmillan New Writing 1

STILL no response from MNW. They've already had the mss for two days now.

Just how long does it take to recognize genius, for fuck sakes (fucks sakes? fuck's sakes? fuck sake's? fucks' sakes?). For heaven's sakes. Sakes? Is that a word? Suddenly it doesn't look like one.

Jeez (Geez? Geeze? Jeeze? Geze?), I think I'm cracking up.


  1. I can see you are back in blogging action with a vengeance!
    Lynne AKA The Wicked Witch of Publishing

  2. Hi Lynne

    Yeah, it sort of comes and goes. I still visit your blog regularly and that usually gives me a boost -I'm inspired by your enthusiasm and energy.

  3. I'm inspired by your patience Pundy. Give the bastards a ring, send them a letter or two, email them five times a day. I'm sure you'll hear something tomorrow!

  4. Still don't know what to make of you Pundyman, but you write well, so I'm giving you a shout ;)

  5. Well I sit on the floor below them so I will, too, shout upstairs tomorrow and tell them to get a move on!

  6. Thanks guys, good advice but I think on this occasion I will be patient. It is my future I'm playing with here after all.

    I'll wait until this afternoon before I phone the bastards.

  7. Hi Skint, glad you could visit. I've found your blog inetersting and informative - I know what you're going through. I'd like to put up a link to it if that's okay.

    As to what to make of me, why bother? Who gives a fuck anyway? In the end none of it matters and I'm pretty near the end already.

    Even worse, I'm writing this crap while I'm sober.

    Good luck with your blog tho', you've still got time to make it.

  8. Sorry, Skint, that should be "interesting". At least I think that's what I intended to say. Told you I was senile. You're probably better off finding some friends of your own age.

  9. Maxine

    Thanks for those links from Frank Wilson. I tried to e-mail my thanks but I couldn't find your e-mail address on any of your blogs.

  10. Pundyman, a writer is only as old as the words he writes and clever lighting does wonders for a chap's image.

    For fucksake of course I want a link - I've just put a link to you, hope you keep blogging and don't make me look like a tit.

  11. Skint, you're priceless.

  12. Sorry about inadvertently hiding my email address, Pundy. it is MaxineLClarke AT gmail DOT com.

    you can find it somewhere via Petrona but it is a bit hidden (not that this stops the spam) but now you know.

    I send Frank links to things I find that I think will interest him becuase I only have a very limited time for blogging, and can't write about very much of the many great things I find on my magpie-like trips through the bloggywhatsit. He gets lots of traffic to his blog so hope the exposure helps. I really liked the Shakespeare post; one good thing about it is that because you did it in comment form you don't have to keep up the joke for evermore like that Chaucer fellow. (I am projecting a bit here, I'd find something like that fun for a bit and then get bored with it).

  13. Hi Maxine,

    thanks for that. Listen, I'm going to be honest with you here. The fact is, I don't think a girl like you should be hanging around a blog like this. You've obviously got a bit of class about you. You're well brought up, sensitive, and quite intelligent. This place is full of low-lifes and, well, how can I put this delicately, piss-heads.

    I'd never forgive myself if your mother ever found out where you've been. Don't waste your life. It's not too late. Get back to the A-listers. I'll miss you but, well, we both know it's right, don't we?

  14. Bloody hell, Pundy, you obviously don't know I am 150 and have been round the block more than a few times!
    Well bought up -- just a facade my friend! your blog is like a breath of fresh air.
    You'll have to think of another tactic to shake me off.