Friday, June 16, 2006

Here's the plan

So, this weekend I'll finish off the re-write to A Half Life of One. A mixture of readers' suggestions, fresh thoughts of my own, and judicious editing that should have been done before.
Then I'll send it off to Macmillan New Writing to see if I can interest a conventional publisher. Getting the book published is the only way I can get it out to a wider audience and I do want as many people as possible to read what, if I may be immodest, is a minor masterpiece.

Then next week I'll be free to resume work or my new novel, provisionally titled "Mummy's Boy".

At the same time I'll continue the process of selling my business interests so that I can write full time. This isn't as easy as it sounds. As well as the legal and fiscal morass I have to wade through I need to protect the lives of the people who work in my companies. The dynamics are tricky, sometimes painful. The whole process will probably take a year, maybe longer. Still, during that time I'll be able to work on my new book, hopefully even get the first draft finished.

Well, sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Might even be fun. Especially if I can get A Half Life accepted. Boy, wouldn't that be something.


  1. That would shine a most pleasing, if not blinding, light into all our dark, hopeless, shuttered lives, Bill. May it happen as you say.

    I can't wait to read it. Checked this morning, and when it wasn't there I fell into a profound depression. I think I'll go outside now and bounce my head off the bricks for awhile.

    Please don't be too long with the book, okay? I'm running out of bricks.

  2. Jta, cheer yourself up, and other people too, by e-mailing me some more of your poems which I can post on the blog.

    Don't worry about the bricks, by the way. I'll send you more when you need them.

  3. Thanks, dude. I knew I could count on you...

    I do have more, but most of them are horribly serious. Or serially horrible, I don't know. I'm game if you are, though. Let me see, where did I put them...