Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Me and Muriel Spark

I read in one of her recent obituaries that Muriel Spark had once said that all her books were really fictionalised accounts of her life. That cheered me up immensely because that's exactly what my books are. Until that moment I had considered this aspect of my writing a weakness. Not any more. If it's good enough for Muriel Spark it's certainly good enough for me.

In fact I think I'll call my next book The Prime of Mr Bill Liversausage. I'm sure no-one would guess it was all about me. Be a pretty short book though. Might be better as a short story. Set in the future.


  1. Or maybe The Pundelbaum Gate!

  2. Sounds like you need to make Minx a co-author, if you are sticking with your title!

  3. I made that comment, BTW, because as far as I am aware it was Minx who gave you that moniker.
    That is why I came here in the first place, to see Mr Liversausage's blog for myself!

  4. Maxine, I'm covered in confusion.

    You know, blushing and all that stuff. I'm not used to the company of "nice" folks like you. It's my rough, working-class background. Well-brought-up young ladies such as you shouldn't be hanging round a blog like this. Minx is a bit of rough, but you.... Well, I've checked out your blog and you obviously have a bit of class about you.

    Take my advice - stay with the literary set. Here be drunkards and dilettantes. And sometimes both together.

  5. You and Muriel are not alone, I would say that that much if not most 'art', including writing, is a fictional account of the artist's life.

    There's no need to think of it as a weakness. You are who you are, you can only go from here.