Sunday, June 25, 2006

The world is a dangerous place

Just taking a break from doing the hoovering - it's my turn this weekend.

It's been a funny old week hasn't it? Everything seemed to be going so well as we basked in the sunshine under a cloudless Blogland sky. And then out of nowhere some unpleasant black clouds drifted across the sun.

It seemed to start over on the blog of The Publishing Contrarian when someone took exception to receiving an e-mail that the PC routinely sends out to announce her latest posts. The objection, in comment form, contained the most abusive language imaginable. Even I was shocked.

Then, just yesterday, I learned that a fellow blogger was being bombarded with nasty e-mails and comments. I'm glad to say her fellow bloggers rapidly rallied round in her support. Shit happens of course, but it's no joke when it happens to you.

Of course the world is a dangerous place and the veneer of civilsation is very, very thin. Whether its genocide, or racism, sectarianism, paedophilia, rape, torture or a million other acts of cruelty, the evil goes on. We can win wars, civilise continents, build our nuclear deterrents. It makes no difference. There will always be evil people out there.

Oddly enough when you enter Blogland you step right out into the front line where the barbarians are waiting at the gate. And because bloggers routinely expose their very souls to the world and his wife they are peculiarly vulnerable. Anyone and everyone can fire a hate-tipped arrow at their heart.

Actually, I think this is no bad thing. We in Blogland shouldn't live in a make-believe castle surrounded by an unbridgeable moat. We're part of the real world and just like in the real world you can't always cross the road to avoid trouble. Helps to put things into context too. There are many things worse in the world than receiving the occasional rejection slip from some fusty old publisher.

The war between good and evil will always go on. The good news is, we'll win in the end. If we stick together.


  1. I read Lynne's post a couple of days ago and like you, was intially horrified at the comment. However, WW's retort was pure 'flyswat' and a medal must go to Steve Clackson at 'Sandstorm Author' for the loo lid comment - genius!
    I'm learning!

  2. p.s forgot to say the sun's out today.
    And Mr Pundy, what happened to your 'never on a Sunday' rule?

  3. Yeah, well, exceptional circumstances and all that.

    I just hope you're worth it.

  4. My weight in gold is yours for the asking!!

    Sunday blogging hasn't got you in trouble with your loveley wife, has it?

  5. Quite agree with your sentiments, Pundy. There is a wee argument over in the comments at Books Inq. over Frank's posting of (yet another, yawn) Updike rant. Frank's method of dealing with it shows what a true gentleman he is. I once got into a big barney in the comments on his blog with someone who took exception to Frank's quite mild comments about her ranty and cursy blog -- that guy always keeps his cool!

    Army of Davids/Davinas, indeed.

    Glad you see you are "up and about" again Minx.

  6. Thank you Maxine, once again!

    Bill have you met Debi Alper?

    Oh dear, thought I was going to be smart and do that linky thing - maybe not - it's on my blog anyway.
    Great gal with a wicked sense of humour and a mean line in blogging. Thought you should meet if you haven't already!!

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