Sunday, November 06, 2005


Hi guys

Let me make this clear right now. By guys I mean men and women. Anyone who reads this blog in fact. This is a sex-free zone. Sadly.

Just a thought before I crawl off into bed. I have a lot of male friends and acquaintances. Many of them from my university days. Intelligent guys. Quite a few of them captains of industry. A number of movers and shakers in this town. A lot of guys at the sharp end of business too.

None of them read novels. In fact, I don't know a single man who reads books.

On the other hand I know quite a few women who do.

So. If there are any writers out there - what does this tell us about our potential market?


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  2. Can't you read, you fucker? I hated my mother.

    Jesus. I can't believe this shit. If you put my mother in touch with me I'll climb over this wall and fucking kill you.

    And another thing. Where the fuck is the rash cream?