Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My next big idea in publishing

A few posts back I told you I had come up with a new big idea in Publishing.

The concept came to me during that fascinating post I put up about marginal pricing. Remember the airline industry? Ryanair selling seats for nothing and still making a profit?

I said I would reveal the idea on this blog. Well, I've had second thoughts. About revealing the idea that is. Remember, I am a businessman as well as a would-be writer. The thing is, I think the idea has legs. And is therefore worth something.

What I'm going to do instead is set up a little business to test the concept and see if it has legs. My youngest son. who is something of an internet whizz has agreed to help. Become a partner in fact.

So, when we make our first million, remember you heard it here first. You just didn't hear what it was, that's all.

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