Sunday, November 06, 2005

Gorilla Marketing Campaign

In an extension to my marketing campaign for A Half Life Of One I've been sending out a spoof press release as follows:

++++++++++Press Release+++++++++Press Release++++++++++Press Release+++++++++

"Reading from a pre-prepared text Mr Bill Liversidge, President & CEO of READ ON DEMAND INC announced today that subscribers to the company's revolutionary new publishing service have doubled in the past week.

The online publisher launched late last week with the publication of the brilliant new novel "A Half Life Of One".

Extemporising, Mr Liversidge continued, "I read once that if a grain of rice was placed on a chess board and doubled with every square by the time you reached the last square you would have enough rice to cover the whole of India to a depth of six inches."

Asked what implications this had for the company Mr Liversidge initially looked startled. Thinking on his feet the CEO quickly shot back, "Well, there are sixty-four squares on a chess board so I guess it means that in sixty-four weeks time everyone in India will have read "A Half Life Of One" six times."

For the full text of the company's announcement visit the company's blog
View From The Pundy House . "

Guys, you can help me here either by sending me suggestions as to where I can send this (yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking) or by copying it and sending it on yourself.

The idea behand the Press Release as opposed to the viral marketing campaign I conducted earlier is that I can send it to anybody and not just the somewhat incestuous coterie of litblogs that I've been pestering up to now. Remember, we're simply trying to attract an audience of any kind at this stage. Converting visitors into readers of A Half Life of One will be a different challenge entirely.

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