Sunday, November 06, 2005

You're getting it whether you like it or not

Regular readers will know I started this blog primarily as a promotional vehicle for my unpublished novel "A Half Life Of One".

Without giving it too much thought I came up with the idea of Read On Demand whereby I would print the next chapter of the book when enough readers asked for it. I figured that mechanism would in itself give me some feedback as to how popular or otherwise the book might be.

I'm no longer comfortable with this arrangement.

My small band of readers are plainly really decent people to the extent where I believe they will ask for the next chapter just to avoid hurting my feelings. I also think it's pretty arrogant on my part to expect my readers to exert themselves in this way. You wouldn't have to go to that bother will a conventional printed book.

In future I'll roll out a new chapter over on my other blog every two days or so.

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