Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Me and Mick Jagger

Back in 1986 I sold off all my business interests and took a year off to write my second novel. I found though, that for me at least, writing was not a full-time job. At the time Mick Jagger was reported as saying that sex was great, but you didn't want to do it all the time. I realised I felt the same way about writing.

My favourite story about Jagger concerns the time in the sixties when he was having a little truoble with the law over his supposed use of various illegal narcotic substances. Part of his defence strategy was to claim the moral high ground from the authorities. He protested self-righteously that his mind and his body were his to do with as he wished. Indeed, he implied that he had a moral duty to expand his mind with various drugs in order that the world would benefit from the flowering of the musical genius that would result. The ongoing court case contained a number of lurid revelations about his sex life, one of which included Marianne Faithfull and a Mars bar.

A cartoon at the time neatly punctured his pretentious stance.

Jagger was pictured leering with those pneumatic lips of his at a somewhat startled young lady in a miniskirt.

The caption read: "Get your knickers off baby, I wish to follow the dictates of my conscience."

The memory of it makes me laugh to this day.

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