Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Going Bust

Referring to that earlier post about our management accounts.

Well, I went into work this morning and called together the key people in the management team. Everyone's in a state of shock. I asked them all to please keep our new strategy under review because if we've got that wrong we're in trouble. In addition, everyone agreed we still haven't got our implementation right. We discussed ways of improving efficiency and getting more jobs through the shop.

I told everyone not panic. One month's accounts don't mean too much. Stay positive. I'm convinced your doing the right thing.

Even though inside I was churning, fear's icy fingers grabbing at my intestines.

Sometimes you just have to tough it out. If the next two months are bad tho', that's when it will really get interesting. Like I said, time doesn't work the same way for small companies. Three bad months in a row and we'll have to take some really tough decisions.

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