Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Is it cost effective?

Given that it's possible to build up a steady readership of your blog is this a cost effective way of promoting a novel? In my case A Half Life Of One.

Since I started this blog I've learnt just how difficult it is to come up with new, interesting and amusing things to say every day. That isn't entirely a bad thing of course. The challenge stimulates the brain and definitely aids creativity. It's certainly helped my writing and freed up my writer's block.

I've also appreciated the feedback I've had. A number of people have made some very perceptive remarks about A Half Life Of One's shortcomings. If I ever re-write the book again I'll definitely incorporate these suggestions. It's also good to hear from other people out there and to discover you are not alone.

A major drawbackfor me is listening to the sound of my own voice pontificating every day. It's funny but a blog almost by definition forces you to take a particular view or attitude on things. But in reality I don't see the world in black and white. That's one of my strengths as a businessman incidentally.

The biggest downside for me though is definitely time. To do this properly I reckon I would need to spend two or three hours a day blogging. And I just can't afford the time. A professional writer, on the other hand, might consider this a good investment.

What about the future? Well, I've published around about two thirds of A Half Life Of One. So I'll keep going as best I can until that's finished. After that? A party maybe? Or a wake?

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